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  • search

    Strengths, weaknesses
    Ascertain and
    Market research

  • Devise

    Making a concept
    Working together
    Team building

  • Attract

    Shaped concept
    Expressed design
    Attractive product mix

  • Spread

    Spread on the web
    Exhibitions and events
    Creating topics

  • Sustain

    Effective floor proposal
    Using SNS
    PR and fan making

  • THE Strong Products

    Create a lasting design

PRODUCED by moat.

  • We helped with the branding of MIWAXl who is a long-established cutting mat manufacturer.

  • “NISHIWAKI” is an original outdoor kitchen tool from Nishiwaki Seiki Kosakusho, a precision metal processing factory in Kasai City, Hyogo Prefecture.

  • [Kachan] is a transparent bag made by a bag manufacturer in Nara with a history of 60 years.



Professionals in each field are available moat.industrial Design & nicina team We can provide the appealing idea and big sales force.

nicina ニシナ

The nicina building team can provide linked services.

Product designer, graphic designer, web designer, photographer, programmer, EC site developer, etc.
The moat.industrial design & nicina team with professionals from various fields can provide consistent production.